WBKFF Finalizes Juan Torres vs. C.J. Leveque, Set to Fight at ‘Rise of the Titans’ in November

Confirmed by Vice President and Matchmaker, Paul Tyler and both competitors, Juan Torres will take on C.J. Leveque on November 9th in Casper, Wyoming.

Just when you thought ‘Rise of the Titans’ couldn’t get any bigger, another Heavyweight bout joins the ever-expanding WBKFF 1 fight care.

Torres (5-13) will have a fresh start, entering into the world of bare knuckle combat, confident he will make an impact. Tired of the “bad” in his life, Juan is ready to turn things around.

Juan Torres: “Signing with WBKFF is a blessing. Its given me the opportunity to continue doing what I love. I’ve had so much bad happen to me these past three years. I saw that Paul was looking for fighters to sign, and recently saw that Tony Lopez had made a move to bare knuckle boxing. Tony is a legend. I automatically posted on Facebook that I wanted to fight Tony in a bare knuckle match. I reached out to Paul and really just had a good conversation about what his goals are for WBKFF. I told him I’m the toughest and hungriest heavyweight he’ll have on the roster, and I will be his inaugural heavyweight champ,” Torres told Adam of FightBookMMA and WBKFF. “Few hours later he sent me a contract and we got the ball rolling!”

Juan Torres: “C.J. I dont know much about, other than he’s tough as nails and is hungry. A respectful fella. I really don’t care who I fight, I will run through everyone I fight. I’m tired of all this bad I have going in my life, and everyone I fight will feel my pain! I’m grateful to Paul for the opportunity and I’m ready to show the world who the best bare knuckle fighter is.”

With an even record of 11-11, Leveque is also ready for a new chapter. Facing a lot of personal problems, as Torres has, C.J. is ready for change, and this opportunity can change a lot.

C.J. Leveque: “Signing with WBKFF is the biggest thing I’ve been apart of, and I’m very excited for this opportunity. I do not intend to let it slip through my hands. I am training very hard. I truly believe that fighting for these guys can and will be a life-changing thing for me. I’ve had a rough last couple years of my life a lot of personal problems and issues but this can change a lot. When it comes to my opponent Torres, it’s very simple; I do not fear him nor do I fear any man that I’ve ever fought. We’ll fight, but I do respect him, I respect him one hundred percent and I’m looking forward to going to battle against him.”

On Nov. 9th, tune in for WBKFF 1: ‘Rise of the Titans’, and watch these heavyweights throw down in the promotions debut event.

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