Mike Bourke Addresses Shawne Merriman, “One of us is Going to get Knocked Out

Heading into WBKFF 1: ‘Rise of the Titans’, Mike Bourke has faced certain criticism, such as Shawne Merriman recently telling TMZ he hopes thinks the smart thing for Bourke is to get out of their up-and-coming fight immediately.

‘The Rhino’ Bourke, while 49 years of age assures the fans he’s taking this fight very seriously, and will show up in Casper, Wyoming ready to fight.
Addressing Merriman, some recent criticism, and his prediction for the fight, Bourke is confident that if the doctor doesn’t stop the bout, a knockout will:
Mike Bourke: “Lots of keyboard warriors out there talk crap, but 99% of them just talk, they have never been in a fight. I’m okay with that, its pretty amusing lol. As far as Shawne goes, I’m sure he’s a hell of an athlete and a tough SOB no doubt. It’s the football mentality. I have it too. With that being said, my training and conditioning has been going great. 6 days a week I have been preparing for this. As far as I see this fight ending, well, most likely one of us is going to get knocked out or Dr (doctor) gonna stop it. All I know is at my age, you don’t get many opportunities to do this and I’m gonna give it hell! Win, lose or draw when he (Merriman) goes home, hes gonna know he was in a fight. That is 100% guaranteed.”
What is now a return to combat sports for Bourke, and the debut for Merriman, the two will square off in a bare knuckle boxing ring. On November 9th in Casper, Wyoming, tune in to WBKFF 1 to see ‘The Rhino’ take on former NFL star, Merriman.


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