Jeff Chiffens and Fred Pierce

Jeff Chiffens and Fred Pierce set to Fight at WBKFF 1: ‘Rise of the Titans’ in November
As November 9th quickly approaches, the debut of World Bare Knuckle Fighting Federation continues to finalize what will be one of the most stacked bare knuckle events to date.
Joining the line up at ‘Rise of the Titans’, Jeff Chiffens will take on Fred Pierce, who fights out of Oklahoma.
In regards to recently signing with WBKFF, Pierce had this to say…
Pierce: “I would just like to say that I’m honored and thrilled to have been offered a spot on a card filled with so many high caliber fighters. The WBKFF and Paul Tyler have signed many big names, but also have signed many lesser known fighters like myself. In an attempt to grow their own champions. I’ve signed a 3 yr deal and plan to make as much noise as possible and work my way towards a belt. Bare knuckle, I believe is the next big thing in combat sports. Its pretty cool that combat sports media outlets like this one ( are covering it and letting the fans know. Nov 9th card will be a chance for a lot of us guys to increase our fan base by showcasing our skills. As far as my opponent goes. I prefer to not talk trash or create drama. Best of luck to him. I will see him in the ring Nov 9th.”
Pierce: “I’m training with some top level boxers and Thai boxers. I feel my hands will be more than ready by fight night. Thanks to all my family, friends and fans for the support. Its gonna be a wild night.”
With plenty to also say, Chiffens presented a statement of his own…
Chiffens: “Prohibition of bkb (bare knuckle boxing) is over in the USA, finally after 100 + years, how blessed and humbled I am to be apart of this historic event Nov 9th. Bkb embodied the rough and tough fighting spirit that made the USA great since its birth as a nation, and I am hoping this rebirth of bkb may awaken this spirit once again in the American people. Fighting is an art, and I’m an artist, so I always keep my tools sharp and in order, and I know my opponent Mr. Pierce is the same way. It is going to be a great fight. I’m dreaming for fight of the night, we’ll have to wait and see. Thanks again to Paul and WBKFF family. It’s cool to see dreams manifest together.”
Live on PPV and FITE TV, WBKFF 1: ‘Rise of the Titans’, featuring: Jeff Chiffens vs. Fred Pierce, Johny Hendricks vs. Brennan Ward, Shawne Merriman vs. Mike Bourke, Chris Leben vs. Phil Baroni, $100,000 lightweight tournament kick off, and more.
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